Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Bless this young couple for giving their life to the Lord. The baptism was beautiful. We are happy to announce the 1 year anniversary of this couple. Pastor Rick married them 1 year ago. Happy Anniversary!

Welcome Our New Members

Pray For One Another

Susie Long Family
Shea James - preaching
Donna Wilson - recovering from knee surgery (Bethesda 486)
Nettie McDaniel - Nancy's Mother - Alzheimer's
June Ellison - Lew Perry's Grandma
Cindy - caring for Lew's Grandma
Young Eckert - broken leg
Jalisa Hickman - back pain-seeking cause and treatment
Vickie Hogue
Mary Lou Kern - Genesis room 317
Vicki Lambert - Pastor Rick's Sister
Janet Kincaid - cancer
Jim Kincaid - health
Richard Smith - cancer-Faye Richards' brother
Jerry Blind - cancer/chemo
Jeff Starling - health/test
Steve Tornes - recovering from back surgery
Sunday School
Jade Curtis-well being
Beth-Ruth's Sister-neck surgery
Cole-Russ & Helen's Grandson-hernia surgery
Faye - cold
Joann Wallace - broken hand
Blake Smally
Josh's Grandma
Christy Amash-surgery Friday- Tonya's Friend
Tammy Montgomery & MG infertility
People looking for jobs
Government & Elected Officials
Pastor's & their families
Teachers, Helpers & Volunteers

Lord, Bless Us All