Monday, November 30, 2009

Prayer List

Millie & Morgan Studdard H1N1
Jenny Cordray-fever
Betty's foot to finish healing
Bill Payne- Prostrate, Tonya's Dad
Jane Ayers in Bethesda
Donald Hall- spot on lung
Phil Mowery - shoulder surgery Thursday, Tonya's friend
Tammy Yarnell
Angie Ison-crushed pelvis- Tonya's friend
Frances Wagoner- health
Linda Buzzard- unspoken
Debbie Stiode-pancreatitis
Duanne Huck- heart
Jen Yarnell- broken arm
June Ellison - Lew Perry's Grandmother
Tammy Montgomery- fertility
M.G. fertility
Cindy- caring for Lew's Grandmother
Jean Beddington Family
Betty Gwennap- shingles-Robin's Mother
Sonya- Jessie & Nathan Wedding
Riley Dexter- Doug & Barb Robert's Granddaughter
Millie Morgan-flu
Marianne Veach- Bob Penrose's Daughter
Tina Simmons
Bob Penrose
Jane Ayers- Bethesda
Richard Smith-cancer - Faye Richard's brother
Donna -knee surgery
Vernon Guinn- health; Irene Guinn-caregiver
Bob Casto- recovering from surgery
Donald Hall- lungs
Marcie Jarrett- recovering from Tonsillectomy
Flu victims
People of Honduras
People looking for jobs
Government & Elected Officials
Our Pastors and their families
Our Military
Our Churches, Youth, Teachers
Helpers & Volunteers

Friday, November 27, 2009

Prayer List Update

Debbie Strode- pancreatitis @ Riverside

Monday, November 23, 2009



Angie Ison-Potter was moved to Portsmouth Ohio, SOMC. The surgery on her pelvis went well and she only had to have pins placed in her body.

Julie, Christi Amash's cousin, is no longer in intensive care. She is in the hospital on a regular floor and off the ventilator. She is recovering from H1N1.

Christi Amash is recovering from neck surgery and slowly regaining her voice!

Betty and Tom were back in Church after being sick and Betty having foot surgery. Betty has her stitches out this week!

Kari Huff is recovering from surgery and doing well. Pray for the biopsies to come back benign.

Thank God for Bonnie giving me good and sincere counsel. Thank you ya.

Beth, Ruth's Sister is recovering from neck surgery!
Sun. Nov. 22 6:30 pm - Children's Practice for Cantata
7 pm CHOIR PRACTICE for Cantata

Mon. Nov 23 5:30 CHRISTMAS DECORATING @ Stockport UMC. Pizza &
drinks provided!

First Presbyterian Church @ McConnelsville
Rev. William Bentley of Malta UMC - sermon.

Wed. Nov.25 NO BIBLE STUDY - @ Stockport UMC

Thurs. Nov.26 HAPPY THANKSGIVING- No Contemporary Service

Sun. Dec 13 7:00pm "Christmas Hang-Up" Cantata

Prayer List

Nettie McDaniel - Nancy's mother - Alzheimer's
June Ellison - Lew Perry's Grandmother
Cindy- caring for Lew's Grandmother
Betty Gwennap- shingles- Robin's Mother
Riley Dexter- Doug & Barb Roberts Granddaughter
Marianne Veach- Bob Penrose's daughter
Richard Smith- cancer- Faye Richards' Brother
Vernon Guinn- Health, Irene Guinn- caregiver
Youth Hunters
Bob Casto Surgery 11-20
Don Hall
Macie Jarrett- tonsillectomy on Nov. 23
Traveling mercies for Thanksgiving weekend
Flu Victims
M. G. and Tammy Montgomery- fertility
People of Honduras
People looking for jobs
Government and Elected Officials
Our Pastors & families
Our Military
Christi Blair - unspoken
Gina Moore-Bradley - bronchitis
Rylie Otworth - Surgery
Hope Ellis- eye surgery- Dec @ Childrens
Saunders Family
Christian Wilkes- cancer
Duane Huck- Heart Health
Our Churches, youth, teachers
Helpers & Volunteers
Betty-having stitches out
Angie Ison- crushed pelvis
Cancer patients
Linda Buzzard- unspoken
Don Hall
Frances Wagoner- shingles- Tonya's Grandma
Darrell Oliver- shingles
William Payne- health- Tonya'a Dad
Unspoken request
Kristi Cordles' Mom-health
Mileah Golden-Briley - fever, sinus infection & poss H1N1

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Kari Huff's Mammogram looked good. We prayed for no cancer! Thank God!

Julie's EEG came back with positive results!

Our GOD is an awesome God!

Hayride and Cookout 2009

Prayer List

Family of Leo West
Vonda Lee Pettibone
Nettie McDaniel - Nancy's Mother- Alzheimer's
June Ellison - Lew Perry's Grandmother
Cindy caring for Lew's Grandmother
Betty Gwennap- shingles- Robin's Mother
Edith Moore
Lloyd Sweet
Doreen Buchanan
Carrie Nichols- pneumonia
Marianne Veach- Bob Penrose's Daughter
Dana Dille - Surgery November 10Th
Cindy Campbell- Chemo
Young Eckert- broken leg
Richard Smith- Cancer- Faye Richards' Brother
Jerry Blind- Cancer/Chemo
Vernon Guinn- health; Irene Guinn-caregiver
Brody Treadway- test at Children's' Hospital
Bob Casto
Flu Victims
People of Honduras
David Dodd- flu and pneumonia
M.G. and Tammy Montgomery fertility- Tonya's Friend & Sister
People looking for jobs
Frances Wagoner- shingles- Tonya's Mammaw
Government and Elected Officials
Linda Buzzard
Julie (Christi Amash's Cousin) on life support, H1N1
Our Pastors and their families
Our Military
Churches, Youth, Teachers, Helpers and Volunteers
Steve Collins - pulmonary embolism/bleeding- Tonya's Uncle
Several Unspoken