Monday, December 28, 2009



Wed. Dec. 30 BIBLE STUDY-CANCELLED @ Stockport UMC


Thur. Dec.31 8:00pm NEW YEARS EVE PARTY-Stockport UMC Contact Judy Wallace for
More Info!

Fri. Jan.1, 2010 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!!!!!!

Wed Jan. 6 6:00pm BIBLE STUDY
7:00pm AD BOARD COUNCIL-Stockport

Thur. Jan 7 7:00pm CONTEMPORARY SERVICES- Stockport

A Tuesday night Bible Study for women will be starting on Jan 19Th. We will be using the book entitled "Becoming a Women of Excellence" by Cynthia Heald. There is a sign up sheet on the table if you are interested, we will try to have a day time study too. If you have more questions contact Bonnie Greuey @ 559-2353.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Prayer List

Mike Dobroski-infection-Christi Amash's Son
Stephanie Triplett and Family-sickness
Linda Payne- Tonya's Mom-lungs & stop smoking
Chase Wilkes-RSV-Tonya's cousin
Joanna Miller and Family
Kari Skeen's son ear infection
Nettie McDaniel-Nancy's Mom-Alzheimer's
June Ellison-Lew Perry's Grandmother
Cindy-Caring for Lew's Grandmother
Bob Gwennap-heart-Robin's Dad
Riley Dexter-Doug & Barb Robert's Granddaughter
Russ Garrett - flu
Ron Hancher
Doreen's Niece-recovering from surgery
Teresa & Ashley Lauer along with mission team heading to Honduras
Jakob Clossman-Barb & Ken Roe's Grandson-tube in ears
Richard Smith-cancer-Faye Richard's brother
Claudia Denlinger-stomach cancer- Susan Davis' cousin
Jerry Blind-cancer
Donald Hall-spot on lung
Elderly and shut-in who are alone during his holiday season
Flu victims
People of Honduras
People looking for jobs
Government & Elected Officials
Our Pastors and their families
Our Military
Our Churches, Youth & Teachers
Helpers and Volunteers

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Prayer List

Coutnery- In LABOR now! Missy's Daughter(Tonya's friend)
Brenda Newell-unspoken
Tammy Yarnell - RA-Tonya's friend
Bill Payne-Pain-Tonya's Dad
Dave Bill's Brother in law- needs liver transplant
Jeff Ratcliff-unspoken
Christy & Roland Amash's kids-sickness
Millie & Morgan Studdard H1N1
Jenny Cordray-fever
Betty's foot to finish healing
Bill Payne- Prostrate, Tonya's Dad
Jane Ayers in Bethesda
Donald Hall- spot on lung
Phil Mowery - shoulder surgery Thursday, Tonya's friend
Tammy Yarnell
Angie Ison-crushed pelvis- Tonya's friend
Frances Wagoner- health
Linda Buzzard-unspoken
David's family
Linda Buzzard- unspoken
Debbie Stiode-pancreatitis
Duanne Huck- heart
Jen Yarnell- broken arm
June Ellison - Lew Perry's Grandmother
Tammy Montgomery- fertility
M.G. fertility
Cindy- caring for Lew's Grandmother
Jean Beddington Family
Betty Gwennap- shingles-Robin's Mother
Sonya- Jessie & Nathan Wedding
Riley Dexter- Doug & Barb Robert's Granddaughter
Millie Morgan-flu
Marianne Veach- Bob Penrose's Daughter
Tina Simmons
Bob Penrose
Jane Ayers- Bethesda
Richard Smith-cancer - Faye Richard's brother
Donna -knee surgery
Vernon Guinn- health; Irene Guinn-caregiver
Bob Casto- recovering from surgery
Donald Hall- lungs
Marcie Jarrett- recovering from Tonsillectomy
Flu victims
People of Honduras
People looking for jobs
Government & Elected Officials
Our Pastors and their families
Our Military
Our Churches, Youth, Teachers
Helpers & Volunteers

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Wed. Dec 2 6pm BIBLE STUDY @Stockport UMC


Tues. Dec 8 6:30pm KITCHEN COMMITTEE contact Judy Wallace

Sat Dec 12 12-4pm WOMEN'S CONFERENCE at the Stockport Mill. Registration
forms on the table at the front of the Church.

Sun Dec. 13 7pm "CHRISTMAS HANG-UP" Cantata