Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Penrose Fellowship

The Congregation would like to give a big THANKS to Bob and Pat Penrose for opening their home and having everyone for a wonderful day of fellowship and fine food. Thank you Again Bob and Pat!

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  1. I as well would like to thank Bob and Pat for opening their home for a great dinner and fellowship. I enjoyed seeing the people that I have begun my journey with the Lord in ministry. It was awesome to fellowship, to dream out loud of the future as well as reminisce about to past. Plus the food wasn’t bad either.
    May God pour out His blessings upon all those that attended and were not able to attend. May the Lord direct you in where and what needs to be done for the area. May God protect and strengthen Pastor Richard Purvis and his family in leading you, teaching you and allowing the Holy Spirit to flow through him and into that part of body of Christ.
    Thanks to all that were there you allowed me feel I was home. You guys will always be a big part of Tina and my life and ministry.