Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Prayer List

Family of Mike LaBlue
Audrin King- child with stage 4 cancer
Kayleigh- blood pressure problems and hives
Ernie Vastine- OSU ICU
Clark Ferguson- employment
Kay Appel- breast cancer
Fid Knittel- lost wife to cancer
Bill Payne- Health
Sylvia Baldridge- friends
Duke Bebout Family
Chris Apperson
Bill Bratka Family
Ava Nichols- 4yr old- inoperable brain tumor
Kelsey Henthorn- cancer
Scott Davidson- Doreen's Brother-in-Law
June Ellison- Lew Perry's Grandmother
Cindy caring for Lew's Grandmother
Riley Dexter- Doug and Barb Robert's Granddaughter
Will Eldridge- two broken bones in legs- Darla's cousin
Jerry and Spirit Blind- Jerry cancer
Richard Smith- cancer- Faye Richard's Brother
Ruth Curtis- Exploratory procedure
Larry Church- Dahlia's Nephew
Bob Jones- heart- Connie's Brother in Law
Ethel Jones- Kidney stones
Josh Ewing- Military
Saydee North- Connie's Granddaughter
Mary Lou Lowther- shingles
Norma Davis
Pastor Rick and Nancy- upcoming move and changes
Richard Purvis- new Pastor and Family
Gary Novaria- cancer
Carol Hammond- healing
People looking for jobs
Elderly and shut-ins
Government and elected officials
Transformation in the country
Our military, Churches, youth, teachers, helpers and volunteers


  1. Hi. I was sent a prayer request for Mike LaBlue on Facebook and am trying to find more information about him. Can you tell me where I may be able to find out more? If the family is taking a donation or where I could send clothing, etc too?

  2. I would ask the person that sent it to you on facebook. I received the request via fb too!