Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Prayer Requests

I would like to ask all to keep Praying for Gloria De Aguirre, Wavoene Rye, Carol Flatt, Charlie Flatt and Bobby Cook. Your Prayers are needed and we need to raise them up in Prayer. May God be with them all.
Kay Appel- breast cancer
Mandy Taylor- surgery
Bruce Hafer- employment
Carol Flatt- stroke
Cain Harrison- wreck
Izaiah Conkel is 3 yrs. old and is being admitted to SOMC. He started vomiting and running a fever of 103, blood work was done and they found his WBC was extremely high. His CT scan showed enlarged lymph nodes in his groin area. The doctors said that is a sign of infection, but they haven't been able to find the infection yet.
Pual Bebout- heart
Jerry- family
Margaret Wallace
Christopher Stutler- Dwayne's Son- bone cancer
Martha Stutler
Linda Buzard's Mom
Pam Ferris- lump
Larry Church- throat cancer- Dahlia's nephew
Ethel Jones- kidney stones
Judy Wallace's friend
Mary Low Lowther- shingles
Norma Davis
Scott Davidson- Doreen's Brother in Law
Kelsey Henthorn- cancer
Josh Ewing- Military
Pastor Rick and Nancy- upcoming changes and move
Richard Purvis- Our New Pastor & Family
Ava Nichols- 4 year old with inoperable brain tumor
June Ellison- Lew Perry's Grandmother
Cindy-caring for June
Riley Dexter- Doug and Barb Roberts' Granddaughter
Richard Smith- cancer- Faye Richards' Brother
VBS and Leaders
Elderly and Shut ins
People looking for jobs
Government, Elected Officials, Military
Our Pastor and Family
Churches, Youth, Teachers and Helpers
Bonnie Bebout & Rachel- traveling mercy
Tina Simmons & Son- traveling mercy
Trace Swartz & Mother- Cindy- accident in ICU

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